How to Use a Fire Extinguisher (click on pix photo to expand document)


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Who Pays for the Fire Dept.? (click on Permalink below to get a clear reading)


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WLNGLVFD Wildfire Update – Aug. 30, 6:45am

From Chief Andy Palaniak: We had a very busy night last evening.  BC Wildfire (BCWS) had done an incredible amount of work securing fire guards along the north flank of the Elephant Hill fire in order to protect the Watch Lake/North … Continue reading

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Are We Really Encountering Climate Change?

According to BusinessWeek magazine, the wind crossing Cook’s Inlet in Southwest Alaska still feels pretty cold in the month of March, but lately it’s not cold enough.  For the past half-century, the daily minimum temperature in Homer, Alaska averaged minus … Continue reading

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Who Pays for the Fire Department?

(previously printed in the 100 Mile Free Press) Not all fire departments are created equal.  For most property owners the cost of maintaining their fire dept. is a part of their property taxes, and they can take it for granted that their … Continue reading

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