Member Training

Training sessions for fire fighters and first responders are held weekly, conducted by either Acting Fire Chief Andy Palaniak or Training Officer Jayne Palaniak.  Other sessions are led by members with a particular level of expertise whereas the officers attend regular training courses put on by 100 Mile Fire Rescue or the Cariboo Regional District.  For the safety of our fire fighters, first responders and the community they serve the department expects the highest level of training possible.  The members of this department respond to all types of emergencies including but not limited to: structure fires, wild land fires, motor vehicle incidents, medical aid and ambulance assist.  To assure that our members are equipped to respond to emergencies in a safe and knowledgeable manner, they receive formal training in the following areas:

  • Live Fire I and II plus Train the Trainer
  • Fire Tech
  • First Responder I, II and III
  • MVI for FR II
  • CPR C
  • Automated External Defibrillator
  • Spinal Care
  • Spectra Energy Emergency Training
  • S-100A Forestry Course
  • S-215 Fire Ops Wild Land/Urban Interface

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