New E11 Engine

NT3 (2)E11 – 1994 Volvo pumper with 1,000 gallon water tank. Seats four full equipped firefighters 

E21 Engine

E21 – 1986 Mack

T11 Tender

T11 – 1977 Ford




FR11 Emergency Response

FR11 – 20xx Ford 350 – Chief’s vehicle – emergency transport for First Responders – equipped with 250 gallon water tank and pump – snow plow in winter.

FR21 Emergency Response

FR21 – 1997 Ford 350 – Station at Hall #2 – emergency transport for First Responders  – equipped with 250 gallon water tank and pump.

Water Pump Trailer

Heavy duty trailer with high capacity pump for pumping water from lake into tenders.

T12 Tender

2006 Freightline with inline six Mercedes Benz engine and attached 1,700 gallon water tank.

New T21 Water Tender

Front View

2006 Ford F750XL with Cummins 215 HP engine and attached 2,250 gallon water tank.

Rear View